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The Dark Side of Agile Coaching

Angela Doyle, MA

ICF Professional Coach, SPC, AKT, CSP, AI


In The Dark Side of Agile Coaching: unmasking the codependent coach, the author explores how coaching although with good intentions may slip into anti-patterns that defeat its true purpose.

 This book examines potential challenges and solutions. How do coaches start building healthy coaching relationships based on a partnership ? The author examines the characteristics of a healthy coaching relationship and a coaching practice that is built on empathy, transparent communication, and autonomy.

Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting your coaching journey, this book will inspire you to reflect on your own coaching style and elevate your practice to new heights.

 Join her on a journey of reflection, growth, and empowerment as you uncover the keys to stronger coaching relationships in this thought-provoking book.


Meet the Author 

Angela Doyle, International Speaker, Author and Professional Enterprise and Executive Coach 

Angela Doyle is an International Executive and Enterprise Coach, Author, and Speaker, who is recognized in supporting globally distributed teams and organizations. She is a trusted thought leader in the field of professional executive and team coaching. With over a decade of hands-on experience in coaching organizations toward agility, Angela brings a wealth of practical wisdom to her clients and teams.

As an accredited coach with multiple industry experience, she has partnered with Fortune 20 to 500 companies throughout the global community. She has led diverse teams and leaders across many industries, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of coaching.  Angela’s unique ability to blend her deep theoretical knowledge with real-world insights has earned her a reputation as a sought-after mentor and coach.

Her passion for agility and leadership coaching goes beyond the practices to inspire fellow coaches to unlock their full potential. Through her writing, speaking, and coaching engagements, she challenges traditional coaching paradigms, encouraging a shift toward stronger coaching partnerships based on trust, empathy, empowerment, and shared ownership.

The Dark Side of Agile Coaching: unmasking the codependent coach, is a testament to Angela's dedication to the professional coaching practice. By fostering a growth mindset, she encourages teams and organizations to achieve sustainable business outcomes. Her insightful analysis and practical insight make her a trusted voice in the business world, offering a fresh perspective on the transformative power of agility and executive coaching. 

As Dawn Nicole Mcllwain, COO and Cofounder of Skilldora, INC. states, "Angela's meticulous work not only identifies the problem but, more importantly, she offers a roadmap to cultivating healthy coaching relationships. Her delineation of the eight essential values behind these relationships serves as a compass for agile coaches seeking to align their work with the core principles of agile. Furthermore, she reminds us that true agile transformation is not merely about processes and practices but also about agile leadership awareness and support.

Dawn Nicole Mcllwain
COO and Cofounder of Skilldora, INC.
South Carolina, USA

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The author's insightful analysis acts as a beacon, illuminating the path toward healthier coaching relationships Whether you're a seasoned coach seeking a transformative shift or just starting your coaching journey, this book is a compelling guide that compels the readers to think about their coaching style and approach as they partner with their organizations and teams. For a  Limited Time, the Author's First Edition Package will be available at this low price.  

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“Extraordinary read, not only for Agile coaching but any executive, leader, or aspiring entrepreneur!” – A. H., Managing Director Lead Strategist, former IT Program Manager BAE Systems


"The book really made me think about my own personal life and business process. Excellent, well written! I highly recommend it to anyone, especially transformation leaders in the business world!” Michelle I., Sr. IT Product Designer 


Outstanding! A self-reflection book that all coaches need in today's dynamic cultures! E. Brown, Principal Scrum Master, CSP, SAFe RTE

“If you are an agile coach or possibly an aspiring coach, you have an amazing opportunity to serve as part of an organization or a team’s agile journey. Your role is multifaceted and includes a variety of skills such as coaching, training, mentoring, facilitating, and business and product development acumen. This journey is to engage with teams, so they are self-organizing, self-managing and sustaining. And eventually, you move on to the next opportunity that is waiting for you. In this book, Angela provides thought-provoking insights and lessons for you, as a coach, in support of your journey. It will encourage you to reflect, recognize your strengths, and identify areas for continued growth.

May Angela’s insights inspire you to achieve even bigger and more rewarding opportunities along your journey.” – Dr. Suzette Johnson, Speaker, Fellow Lead-Agilist, Transformation Leader, and author of ‘Industrial DevOps’

“Transparent, Refreshing, and Highly Recommended!  The book helps you navigate the coaching landmines before you get there.  Angela is an exceptional coach and author!  And if you're fortunate enough to have her as your executive coach - it is well worth your investment!  You will not be disappointed!” –  James Murphy, CEO, Fortney Spring Coaching, Scotland, former IBM Delivery Manager, and Ashurst Ops. Manager


“May this book be a source of inspiration and transformation in your agile coaching journey, as it has been for me. Angela Doyle's work is a testament to the resilience and adaptability that agile embodies.” – Dawn Nicole Mcllwain, COO and Cofounder of Skilldora, INC., Enterprise Agile Coach and Globally Accredited Agile Trainer