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To be leaders in the "coaching as a service model" by providing extraordinary value that promotes a culture of agility and growth 



To equip business leaders and organizations with customized coaching that helps them achieve their individual and business goals


Build partnerships based on the three CORE foundations: 





- Bill McDermont from Mad Money

According to Forbes, now is the time for digital transformation.  COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to see new opportunities in the way we conduct business.  From distant socializing to online meetings, this has become the new normal for our customers as well as the way we internally interact with each other. 
Inoatar has over 20 years of digital transformation experience in helping corporations establish their digital footprint into the future and setting up a digital transformation infrastructure that cultivates a sustainable ecosystem.
J. Murphy, CEO 
"Having been through Angela's Lean Portfolio Management certification and currently benefiting from her executive coaching. If you're fortunate enough to engage Angela as your executive coach, it will prove to be a valuable investment of both your time and resources. Her coaching ethos is at the heart of helping you achieve your goals!"
Aaron T.  Portfolio Mgmt.
"The LPM course has proven to be a great foundation to help me improve portfolio management. The skills I learned continue to inform the work I do every day. The instructor, Angela Doyle, was very knowledgeable and engaging. She used a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, discussions, and exercises, to keep the class interesting."
Gary P. Product Manager 
Coaching Recommendation: "Angela conducted numerous one-on-one sessions with me, including product management and stakeholder coaching. She is skillful at assessing the current state of any team and its members identifying the levers to improve their business agility and performance."