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InoatarĀ® has partnered with SkillDora to offer an accredited Artificial Intelligence Certification Program for those new to AI.Ā  There will be 3 AI Accredited Online Certification Programs with AI Instructors to deliver the on-demand fundamental training:
  • AI Essentials CertificationĀ (AIEC)Ā 

  • Machine Learning CertificationĀ 

  • AI Prompt Engineering FundamentalsĀ Certification (AI-PEFC)

In the rapidly evolving world of Agile coaching, a new frontier is emerging - as artificial intelligence takes the stage across organizations and industries from manufacturing to pharmaceutical and medical. This revolutionary approach is changing the game, redefining the way we think about coaching and transforming traditional agile frameworks into something more dynamic and adaptive. In this digital era, where data and technology are driving progress,Ā agile AIā„¢ promises to bring a new level of efficiency, predictive modeling, and innovation that augments the currentĀ AI rolloutĀ structure with proven strategies using agility frameworksĀ and methodologies.
agile AIā„¢Ā isn't just a buzzword; it's a tangible reality that's transforming the landscape of the traditional agile coaching field. This new frontier leverages the power of proven agile methods and best practices to create stability across an Artificial Intelligence transformation like Machine Learning and Natural Processing Language (NPL) ro provide real-time insights, and enhance data driven outcomes.
agile AIā„¢ is not a replacement for human coaches, but a powerful counterpart. By embracing agile AIā„¢Ā  we can harness its potential to enhance traditional agile best practices e.g., TDD and BDD to foster a continuous improvement opportunitiesĀ  and empower teams and organizations to adapt and meet theĀ demands of the new digital AI age.Ā 
AsĀ AI Ā continues to evolve, its impact on the coaching landscape will be profound. It's time for Agile practitioners and organizations to explore this exciting frontline, embrace the possibilities it offers, and leverage agile AIā„¢ to achieve unprecedented levels of agility, innovation, and success.
New On-Demand AI Certifications